503. Descendants of Elizabeth Wyvill (see Table LII) m. Sir William Dalton of Hauxwell, b c. 1629; d.23 Mar. 1675; and had issue 1a to 5a.
1a. Rev. Darcy Dalton, Rector of Aston, Preb. of York (3rd son), b. 1678; d. 27 Mar. 1734; m. 2ndly, Jane, da. of (--)d, 5 Mar. 1719; and had issue, 1b to 4b.
1b. Francis Dalton, one of the six Clerks in Chancery, b.c. 1720; d. 21 Nov. 1729; m. Mary, da. of John Tasker of Wimbeldon, Att.-at-law; had issue 1c.
1c. Mary Dalton, dau, and h., livng 1792; m. 3 Ap. 1779 Henry Gale of Scruton and of Hauxwell, p.u., b. 1744; d. 1821; and had issue 1d.
1d. Harriet Gale of Scruton, eldest da. and h., d. 15 Dec. 1839; m. 1816 lieut.-Col. Foster Lechmere Coore of Firby, b. 1780; d. 1837; and had issue 1e to 4e.

1e. Henry Coore of Scruton Hall, JP, DL, b. 18 Jan. 1820; d. 4 May 1890; m. 3 July 1841, Augusta Caroline, da. of Mark Milbank of Thorpe Perrow, by his Lady Augusta, nee Vane, d. Aug. 1889; and had issue 1f to 4f.

1f. Henry Mark Coore, afterwards (1890) Gale of Scruton Hall, JP.D.L., 6 June, 1842; d. 24 Sept. 1890; m. 21 Aug. 1872, the Hon. Mary Emily, da. of Edward (Strutt) 1st Baron Belper (U.K.) (who re-married 8 Apr. 1893, Henry Handford, MD, F.R.C.P.) and had issue 1g to 7g.
1g. Alice Mary Gale 2g. Sybil Augusta Gale 3g. Dorothy Gale
4g. Hilda Frances Gale 5g. Winifred Emily Gale 6g. Margaret Gale
7g. Gertrude Veronica Gale.
Their address being Hardwicke House, Cavendish Crescent North, The Park, Nottingham; Elm Field, Southwell).

2f. Rev. Thomas Coore, M.A. (Cam.) (Scruton Hall Bedale), b. 3 Sept, 1845; m. 4 July 1871, Louisa, da. of the Rev. Charles Gray of Godmanchester; and had issue 1g to 6g.
1g. Alban Coore, b. 21 May, 1872.
2g. Alfred Coore, b. 11 May 1873.
3g. Basil Coore, b. 30 June, 1877.
4g. Cyril Coore, b. 4 Mar. 1881.
5g. Edith Coore
6g. Gladys Coore Born (twins) 20 Feb. 1883.

3f. George Barnard Milbank Coore (Board of Education, Whitehall) b. 28 Dec. 1865; m. 1891 Augusta, da. of General von Schmeling; and has issue 1g to 4g.
1g. Edmund Burchardt Coore, b. 1894.
2g. Constance Araminta Coore.
3g. Monica Coore
4g. Gertrude Coore

4f. Caroline Augusta Coore (2 Cavendish Place, Bath), m. as 3rd wife, 1896 Capt. Robert Peel Floyd, da. (s.p. by her) 3 May 1899.
2e. Mary Coore, d ; m. Col. Hamlet Coote Wade.
3e. Augusta Coore, d ; m. Major Frederick Gordon Christie.
4e. Charlotte Coore, d ; m. Capt. Samuel Stovin Hood Inglefield.

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