166 Squadron
166 Sqn Lancaster III ND956 AS-1

F/S T G Franklin +
Sgt J F Tomney pow

(Flight Engineer)
Sgt B F Bird pow

Sgt S D Spencer RCAF +
Sgt J Kiltie +
Sgt A A Anderson RCAF +
Sgt J Moffatt +

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Op: Duisburg

T/o 2235 Kirmington. Crashed at Goudriaan (Zuid-Holland), 10 km NNW of Gorinchem. Those who lost their lives are buried in Goudriaan General Cemetery.

First Photograph and Second Photograph
Lancaster ; taken from the village of Kirmington on the occasion
of 166 Squadron's annual reunion and the annual fly past.

Third photograph:
Highlights the bomber station pub; the ?Marrowbone and Cleaver? known to all bomber crews as 'The Chopper?.
Looking beyond the village of Kirmington stands the church of St. Helen ?s and its guiding landmark for
returning bombers. One such bomber hit the steeple and the latter is still to-day slightly askew.

Fourth photograph:
Graves and commemorative stone, sharing part of the local graveyard in the village of Goudriaan .

RAAF 115
Royal Australian Air Force - Bomb Aimers 115 A stationed at Penrhos Wales 1943
Back row: left to right:  Sgt. Peter Knox, P/O Keith Steinbeck, P/O Lyle Bowes, Sgt. Joe Millmot, Sgt. Pierre Burge.
Front row: left to right: Sgt. Charlie Kroschel, Sgt. Norm Jarvis, P/O Bert Tyne,Sgt. Stan Black, Sgt. Norm Page.
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